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PARISH PLAN CREATION AND REQUEST FOR YOUR SUPPORT We are all fortunate to live in such a beautiful and well connected area of England, and with this comes the pressure to create an environment for more people to live, work, and enjoy it with us. Cambridge is enjoying high growth and economic success, and this success carries both opportunities and threats. In the light of recent concerns expressed by Heydon Villagers regarding the weight of development and growth proposals in the South Cambridgeshire area, Heydon Parish Council have been considering how best to represent your views in a proactive and meaningful way. As one of our proposals we will be creating a Parish Plan, with the aim of formally describing and recording our village, its qualities, its environment, and the wishes, wants and needs of the inhabitants. This can be used to guide the Parish Council’s representations to Local and District Councils and ensure our position is fully able to be understood, backed up by good research, solid data, and based on your input. This will be completed over the next six months and to this end we are looking to create a small team of Parish Councillors and Parishioners to take this forward. As part of this plan a further, wider survey will be conducted in the near future. We will need key skills in the following areas: Planning Village History Communications Report Writing Data Management Project Management Environment If you feel inclined to support and have any of those skills, or simply just can spare some time to support , please contact Steve Bucksey or John Arthur, or any member of the Parish council for more information.

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