Staff and volunteer vaccinations

Thanks to Diana M. for passing on this information. If you are or know of anyone working with vulnerable groups you may be eligible for a vaccine...

The NHS has now opened up access to the COVID vaccine to staff and volunteers from community groups currently directly working or having contact with people in the priority groups outlined here:

Priority Groups for Vaccination

  • those involved in the direct supply of food and other goods

  • those supporting older people and those with long term health issues

  • those supporting vulnerable children and young people

  • volunteer drivers involved in transporting people to vaccine appointments

We are working with the NHS on the identifying community groups to receive the COVID vaccine and will be your point of contact, if you believe your staff and/or volunteers meet the eligibility criteria please confirm and we will send you details of how to book appointments.

At this point there is no restriction on numbers of vaccinations available, with plenty of appointments available this week, so we urge you to respond immediately.

Please send us an email saying

“I confirm that staff and volunteers are carrying out one of the above activities and should be considered for access for vaccination, and that when requested I will respond to CCVS with numbers attending appointments.”

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Freeman


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