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Survey - MP asks - is there too much housebuilding?

Thanks to Stephen Bucksey for highlighting this survey...

Anthony Browne, MP for South Cambridgeshire, today (Monday 1 February) launched his South Cambridgeshire Development Survey to give residents their say on housebuilding in the constituency.

Posted via Royal Mail to every household in the South Cambridgeshire constituency, the survey highlights barriers to sustainable growth and seeks views on a range of topics related to future development.

The survey seeks to understand residents’ views on key planning issues, such as water supply, digital connectivity, public transport and community services. It also takes consultation into account, asking if residents feel “listened to” on planning issues.

South Cambridgeshire faces huge barriers to sustainable growth while remaining one of the fastest growing areas in our country. This includes two new towns in the last two decades, one of which is Northstowe - the largest new town to be built in Britain in the last 50 years. It is leading to urbanisation, more pressure on local services, increased congestion and water shortages.

Mr Browne has repeatedly raised concerns about overdevelopment with South Cambridgeshire District Council, writing a letter to the leader to ask that the council does not seek to build any more houses than required by national government targets.

He has also queried recent moves by the council to reduce democratic accountability in the planning process and is continuing to campaign against the over-abstraction which has decimated local chalk streams.

Commenting, Mr Browne said “Where and how we build new houses in South Cambridgeshire is being worked out right now, but we need to cut through the numbers and listen to those who will be most impacted by any proposals.

Growth is to be expected and encouraged, but it is essential that residents’ views are heard when it comes to the level of that growth. We need to seek sustainability, so everyone has total confidence that our area can cope with levels of development – that we won’t face water shortages, congestion or any other irreparably adverse impact on our quality of life in South Cambridgeshire.

I’m asking everyone to please fill in this survey, so I can best represent your views and ensure your voice is heard in this important debate.”


Link to survey:

For further information, contact:

Adam Roberts

Constituency Manager for Anthony Browne MP

Tel: 07590818543


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